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Residential Lockouts are most common. Just call I will get you back in your home.


Car Lockouts are simple, programming & key replacement call me. Don't attempt...


Commercial Doors & Locks are more secure as well as a specialty. Call me!


I am a professional locksmith you can rely on to get the job done right...

Electronic Key

Electronic Keys are great used in multiple ways. Mostly for government ingress and outgress with tracking control.

Vehicles Key

Vehicle keys are becoming more and more sophisticated and at the same time deminished. I cut and code all brands

Safe Locks

Most of the time I am asked to open a safe and fix the lock. I do not give away years of experience with safe locks. Just Call Me.

Smart Key

Smart Key is a remote with more options to open doors, start car, clean windows, through your oponent out the door.

Security Door

Secure Doors start with the manufacturing of the door and door jam. Don't forget the attachment to the wall.

Commercial Locks

All the major brands have ccmmercial lock systems the question is what level of security you need. Call me...

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